No Regrets

Is It Possible to Live Without Them?

At some point in my younger years, I wanted to live a life free of regret. It’s really just a life free of shame and guilt. Don’t we all have way too much of both? To complicate things, there are times we just plain choose poorly and really should feel guilt. That’s a lot of weight to put on ourselves, then. We have to never make a wrong judgment or sin. Without God, that’s not possible…so I just

set myself up to fail.

That is not a life of freedom or grace.

So, finally, (I won’t divulge the number of years it has taken because it’s embarrassing!) I get that in Christian terms, ones I can actually achieve, it’s synonymous with a life of obedience to Christ. God has a perfect track record of keeping me from shame and guilt I don’t need. I just trust Him and obey Him, LIKE IT OR NOT (key words!!) and I’m on a gloriously free path.

This path is very different than my original one, though. The pressures are all on God and He’s good with that. He is merciful and completely aware I will stumble. He loves me anyway. I know that no mistake I could make will keep Him from loving me.

Now, consequences…they are another thing.

He does not keep us from consequences of our poor choices. But, He still loves me even in them. If I choose to rob the bank, though I shouldn’t, He loves me completely in jail. If I choose not to rob the bank, He loves me the same amount as I’m sitting at home.

So the win-win is to just obey God. Avoid the terrible consequences of disobedience and live life free of guilt and shame. It’s like the real life “Get Out of Jail Free” card in Monopoly. But it’s called a “Grace” card. And, um, it won’t work to get you out of jail so best just not to get into jail in the first place. Just sayin’.


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