Hope On A Rope

Waiting For God’s Answers

What do you do with hopes that seem to go nowhere? They come in many different shapes and sizes…hopes for good things that most people have, yet we don’t; hopes for rare things; hopes for what we know God will bless and also for things we know he won’t. Every hope is unique and can be excruciatingly painful when it remains unanswered.

Unresolved hopes and unanswered prayers seem like a burden we carry as we walk through life. The enemy does his best to make them heavier, because hope is very dangerous against Him. We continue walking, on a very high and narrow path toward the end of a precipice. What we do not see is that at the very end is a place we can push this hope into God’s keeping. We can surrender them to Him and have peace.

What we see on the way though often is only despair. Why can’t this happen? Why does everyone else have this, but not me? We know God can be nothing but good so how do we combine that with unanswered prayer?

Would it just be easier to give up, we wonder?

I thought God loved me? I thought this would go differently.

What do we do? Keep walking, keep bearing that burden with God’s help until we finally get to the end of the cliff. There, finally, you come to the end of yourself and surrender that hope into God’s capable hands, knowing it may really never be answered in this life and yet God is 100% good. He meets us there and in that point of absolute surrender, He gives us peace about it and shows us how He is the ultimate Comforter and Good Father. 

Of course the enemy also has non-stop suggestions as we travel, too. Give up, he says. You see, God isn’t good he says. It will be better to throw that hope away. Thankfully, God attaches  a safety rope to every hope we have, so we can have another chance when we mess up. Often we do mess up – we despair and throw our hopes off the side. But nothing improves. There is no peace because God is in those hopes He gives us. Finally we pull the rope up and continue carrying it. On and on this goes, often many times. All that really matters is that we keep hold of it until the end destination.

When we reach the end, we finally see God’s hand held out to take it. Yes, we can trust Him! He is good and knows what’s best. He has rules everyone must follow but as we obey, we learn they really are good. The truth is God really does meet all our needs. It often is a way we never imagined and through times we dread. But, be encouraged that He will answer your prayer in His way, in His time. He really will make up for what you have to do without. Often, as we reach this point of trust and submission, we finally see that hope fulfilled in His unique way.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has received what I so wanted after finally giving it up to God to do with whatever He pleases. Perhaps He was growing our trust in Him or our belief in His goodness and sovereignty. Perhaps that hope had not yet been consecrated to be set apart the way He desires. Perhaps He’s weaving other people’s stories and hopes into your own and the timing was just off. And yes, perhaps you really won’t ever see that prayer answered in this life.

Whatever the ending to each hope God gives us, we know He is good and He works on our behalf. Yes, we wish that meant He gives us everything we want. But, we can trust He will give us what He knows is best for us.


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