Panic At the Store

Staying Close to God, Always

Somewhere in the Top Ten Worst Moments for parents, is the dreaded lose-your-child-in-the-store moment. Like most parents, I was always very diligent in keeping the kids near me when we ran errands. They didn’t like it, but I gave them no choice. Yes, you will hold onto the cart the whole time! No, you will not walk away without permission. We got a routine down and they would each learn in their own time what the consequences were to disobey.

Nonetheless, there was a time or two that they turned a corner before me, or ducked into a clothing rack and disappeared a second. It truly felt like the end of the world. In that instant, every missing kid fear flashed through my mind. Even if they are only a foot away, but unseen, a full-fledged panic rushes through us as parents.

When we’re learning to live life with Christ, we are in that child’s position. Even though we all know it’s the parent’s complete responsibility to keep that child safe and close, the child makes that job easy or difficult.

Thankfully, Jesus always keeps us safe and never loses us! Do we behave well and make the most out of our relationship with Christ? He does all of the work. He is the One that pursues us all our lives and made a way for us to be reunited with Him. But we do have a part to play.

Our part is to stay close to Him, our Daddy. We learn not to run off whenever we please. Sometimes, the “shopping trip” is just very long and boring. Other times, we feel tortured to see our favorite toys nearby but out of reach. God gives us plenty of chances for adventure but it often is not when we want it!

Regardless, He watches out for us perfectly and protects us. But, what better way to show Him our love and thankfulness than by obeying Him with a joyful heart. What parent doesn’t appreciate being able to trust a child to stay close and make wise decisions!? I think half of a parent’s energy is used to keep an eye out for the wandering child!

God has given us independence and a free will because He longs for us to choose to love Him completely. He didn’t want robots. We can actually bless Him by following Him whole-heartedly. What a privilege for us! Let’s take our part seriously and bless our Heavenly Father!


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