Jesus…To Know Him Is To Love Him

Does it baffle you, too, to think that Jesus, who is God, needs to take time away from His ministry to spend time alone and pray? And if He chooses to and needs to do this, how much more do we need to take time with God seriously?

My husband is a band director and we both have taught a lot of music lessons. We’ve experienced first hand (on a daily basis for him!) the connection between spending time practicing an instrument and enjoying playing it. What band student doesn’t, at some point, get tired of the work it takes to get better on that instrument and want to give up? I’d venture to say every one goes through this time of frustration and doubt, myself included. The key always is, the more you practice, the better you become and the more you enjoy it. But, try as teachers do to give this timeless advice, quite often budding musicians won’t listen. Only some take that to heart and put more effort in to test it out. Many quit and usually say they regret it. It’s just a sad reality of a music teacher, or coach, or even parent.

Our walk with Jesus has many similarities. The more we study His Word, pray and spend time in His presence, the more we enjoy doing so. We would like our relationship with Him to be instant and for our hearts to just naturally be set on Him. But, that isn’t the case, at least not that I’ve experienced. As I stop spending time with Him, I begin to lose interest in Him and the life He wants me to live. I can be sad about it, or complacent, or gripey, but nothing seems to change until I choose to spend time with Him again.

One more distantly connected thought….I’m a little embarrassed to say I was a big Seinfeld fan in the past. In one episode, Elaine has to give a eulogy for “Suzie,” who is actually just herself with the mistaken name a co-worker gives her. Elaine had tried to live for awhile being both people, but finally it needed to end, so a funeral was planned. Since “Suzie” was basically fictional, her eulogy was ridiculous and vague. It was peppered with remarks like, “To know her was to love her. And to love her was to know her,” and “What can I say about Suzie” (obviously very little). I found it humorous. But, what if we present Jesus to the world in this way because we don’t really know Him that well? We can’t speak intelligently and well about someone that is quite foreign to us. Again, we need to spend time with Jesus and get to know Him better than anyone in else in our lives. We will love His company the more we make it a necessity, a habit. And we will bring Him glory to share Him well.


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