Through All of It

I woke up with the Colton Dixon song, “Through All of It” in my head and it just rings so true to me today. Check out the lyrics if you don’t know it! God is faithful! What a wonderful, comforting thought. We all know that being a human being in this world is not easy. There’s a huge amount of comfort in the fact that no matter how much I succeed or fail, God is always there, loving me and experiencing life with me. He doesn’t do this grudgingly, but willingly and eagerly. He loves each of our company and wants nothing more than an eternity with each one of us…me…you…everyone.

It takes so much pressure off myself to just admit, like the song says, that sometimes I just don’t get it right. Even when I do try my hardest to live what I believe is a godly life (and let’s be honest, that is not all of the time) I do fail sometimes. During some stretches, it feels like failure is more the rule than the exception! The song articulates that it’s ok. My focus does not need to be on my failures and insufficiencies. God’s presence removes shame and unnecessary guilt. God understands and desires to forgive us 70 x 7 times, and more. He makes up for what we’re lacking. He picks us up when we fall, accidentally or purposely. He still loves us even though we can do really stupid things, like run with scissors. He is full of grace, mercy and forgiveness.

I’m not saying we are now able to live life however we want with God’s approval. We were specifically made to glorify the Almighty God. Yet, we began life with a severe and potentially fatal disadvantage – sin. Sin has been our ruthless master since conception. It’s like a genetic disease that affects 100% of people ever since Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. Christ’s birth, death and resurrection makes a way for us to have peace with God where no peace was possible. I think every person has a lingering sense of God’s condemnation of us due to sin. It’s like a bad taste in your mouth. We can sense something’s wrong even before we hear about God’s love for us. It’s because we begin life as children of wrath. We did have an eternity of damnation in store for us. Had God not stepped in to intervene by sending His beloved Son to die for us in our place, we would have had no chance. But now we do have a choice. He can be our Hope and Joy instead of only being our Judge and Sentencer. We have hope because of who He is and what He has done.
When we ask God to forgive us and be Lord of our lives, He does so. Our purpose remains to serve and glorify Him. It is a lifelong process to learn to desire and accept His identity for us instead of the warped version we think is normal. We fight Him so much as we come to terms with our status as deeply-loved, adopted children that are forever indebted to Him for intervening in a hopeless situation.
God gets you. He knows your heart and wants to daily shape it to be more like His. And now, no condemnation, praise God! He’s not your accuser but your lover. You have an important role to play but He takes the pressure of that on Himself and allows you to live life freely and joyfully like a child -a much-loved, valued child of the King. Don’t let stubbornness and old hurts keep you from knowing the One who loves you most.


One thought on “Through All of It

  1. I just heard that song today. “Through all of it” by Colton Dixon. Every time I hear it, I think about how God IS truly with me at all times and has created me for a purpose.


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